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Business Objects InfoView Preferences...

In the last session, we discussed about InfoView home page, navigating through the different folders in InfoView and also all the options that appear on the left hand side of the home page. We now move to the right hand side, which lets you personalize InfoView for use. Clicking on the Preferences link in the InfoView brings all the available [...]

Business Objects InfoView Home Page

In the last section, we learned about two web interfaces used to work with Business Objects. We also discussed the various authentication methods and how the log in screen looks. In this section, we will discuss what are the first tasks we perform after logging into InfoView. The screen visible on first log-on is as per image show below. &nbs [...]

Business Objects InfoView: Introducti...

I have already detailed what Business Objects tool is and have given an overview of the architecture of the Business Objects Enterprise system. I will be covering the next step where an absolute beginner to Business Objects will be introduced. This is accessing the system over web. As can be seen from the session on BOE Architecture, there ar [...]

Architecture of SAP Business Objects ...

This article outlines the overall platform architecture, system, and service components that make up the Business Objects Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) platform. SAP BOE has a five-tier architecture. I will provide a summary of what each of these tiers consist at present. We will delve into each of these tiers in separate sessions, mu [...]

Introduction to SAP Business Objects

Business Objects or BOBJ for short is a company that specialized in BI Solutions. Their products like Crystal Reports and Business Objects are some of the leading reporting and analysis solutions available currently. In 2007, this company was acquired by SAP AG, and henceforth it has been referred to as SAP Business Objects. The latest produc [...]

HTML Elements and Tags

We have covered in the Introduction to HTML that it is a markup language. A markup language consists of tags to identify its elements. The Elements define the structure of an HTML Page. We will discuss elements and tags below, with some basic examples. HTML Tags Tags are texts which are usually contained within the symbols “<” [...]

An Introduction to HTML

You cannot have a website without HTML. A website used to be defined as a page designed using HTML. Though we have come a long way from that definition and have a lot of other components that form part of a Website, we still cannot have a website without HTML. In this series, I will be jotting down things that are absolute must for anyone to [...]

OLTP and OLAP Data Systems

In data warehousing and business intelligence, we often hear the terms OLTP and OLAP. What do these mean? Why the different systems? What are pros and cons of each of these systems? When to use which system? We will address these questions in this article. Definition: IT systems can be categorized broadly into two types. Transactional systems [...]

Data Warehousing: An Introduction

A simple definition of a Data Warehouse would call it a collection of databases. This oversimplified version, while easy to use to explain to a layman, is not entirely correct. While a Data Warehouse will contain data from a multitude of databases, it does not exactly stand to the definition of collection of databases. Definition of a Data Wa [...]

An Introduction to Databases and RDBM...

What are databases. What is the importance of database in today’s world. What are RDBMS? Many of these are questions that arise in the minds of people who are starting an education in IT or have heard these terms from people experienced in IT. I tackle some of these questions here. In today’s world, a lot of people talk about data [...]

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