Business Objects InfoView Preferences 1: General and Navigation Options

In the last session, we discussed about InfoView home page, navigating through the different folders in InfoView and also all the options that appear on the left hand side of the home page. We now move to the right hand side, which lets you personalize InfoView for use. Clicking on the Preferences link in the InfoView brings all the available configuration options. We will start with the General Options.

General Preferences:

General preferences is the section where we configure the look and feel and functioning of your InfoView. You can configure your start page, the mode of viewing content, information about content that is displayed, time-zone etc.

Start Page: The options available under start page are as shown in the adjoining image. Home is the default option and takes you to the page

InfoView Start Page Preferences

Define what you want to see on log in

Home is the default option and means that you will be taken to the InfoView home page on log in.

My InfoView lets you create a fixed dashboard kind of interface where you can add any folder or reports that you would like to see any time you log in.

Favorites will display your Favorites on your log in.

Inbox will take you to your Inbox folder on log in.

Folder Lets you select a folder of your choice. This could be a sub-folder of your favorites or a public folder that you frequently access.

Category If your installation of Business Objects is configured for navigating using categories instead of folders, this option can help you navigate to the appropriate folder.


Document Navigation View

This determines whether the navigation options are available through folders or through categories. To understand what this means we need to understand what Folders and Categories mean.

Document list by category

Document list in category view

Folders: Much like files in an operating system, BI documents in Business Objects need to be stored in folders. A file can belong only to one folder at a time. This is the default configuration.

Category: Categories are a logical arrangement of documents. Documents can be assigned to different categories. These categories to organize them different from folder structure. Each report can be assigned to multiple categories. This feature can come in handy when there is partial overlap between different sets of users such that, each set has a set of reports which not everyone else should be able to access. Categories are rarely used these days.

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